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Date News Item
June 2012 Our OECD Higher Education Management and Policy abstract in Spanish
March 2012 Report on our OECD HEMP paper from NPH - The Norwegian Network for Private Higher Education Institutions (NPH advocates on issues concerning higher education and research policy to the Norwegian parliament and government.)
January-March 2012 Our paper in the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics is listed as respectively the 13th, 4th and 18th Most-Read Research Article during January, February and March 2012. See also here.
January-March 2012 Our paper in Research Evaluation is listed respectively as the 4th, 4th and 45th Most-Read Research Article during January, February and March 2012.
February 2012 Article in University Business about our research on critical mass and its implications for policy and management
February 2012 Article in Times Higher Education about our research on critical mass and its implications for policy and management
December 2011 Reflets de la Physique, the magazine of the (French Physics Society) published an article on our work (No 27 pp. 21-23).
December 2011 Our work is used in Physics World's Quiz of the Year.
November 2011 Research Trends magazine report on our work
November 2011 Research report commissioned by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) Experts Committee on Quality
September 2011 Review of the Greek research and development system (in Greek and English)
September 2011 Announcment on DAAD website about Leipzig & Nancy universities Graduate College which trains PhD students in cooperation with Coventry's AMRC
July 2011 Editorial by Sir John Enderby in the Journal of the Foundation for Science and Technology (see page 4)
July 2011 Report by University Alliance (Funding Research Excellence)
June 2011 Translation of Physics World article to Vietnamese
June 2011 Article about our work in Physics World (see also below)
June 2011 Article in Mathematics Today, the magazine of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
June 2011 Article by Sauvons l Universite, France
June 2011 Press release by Nancy University, France
June 2011 Article in Fermilab Today Newsletter, USA
May 2011 Our paper "The extensive nature of group quality" is selected for the "Best of 2010" by Europhysics Letters, the flagship journal of the European Physical Society
May 2011 Article in Research Intelligence commisioned by the British Educational Research Association
May 2011 Research that Matters An evaluation of university research funding in the UK by Million+ launched at House of Commons
Apr 2011 Russian translation of the abstract of our statistics of statisticians paper
March 2011 Best poster prize for my student Pádraig Mac Carron at MECO 36 in Lviv (there were 120 posters)
March 2011 Report of policy dialogue workshops for ERA-PRISM: Policies for Research and Innovation in Small Member States to Advance the European Research Area
March 2011 Submission to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee on Peer Review
Feb 2011 Report on the Hellenic Physical Society webpage
Nov 2010 Report on the Ukrainian Science Association webpage
Oct 2010 Article about our work in Europhysics News, the magazne of the European Physical Society (Vol.41, No.5, 2010, page 15)
Oct 2010 Report in the New Zealand Herald
Oct 2010 Highlight in EPL's Highlights from previous volumes
Aug 2010 Article in Leverhulme's magazine highlighting the grant they have awarded us (page 7).
July 2010 Article in 123 News, France
July 2010 Comment on Physics Today's Facebook site
July 2010 Press release from University Alliance responding to our work on critical mass in research.
July 2010 Two reports (here and here) in Research Fortnight magazine in July 2010 highlighting our work (requires subscription to view).
July 2010 Article in University Business magazine about our work
July 2010 Article in Times Higher Education about our research on the relationship between quality and quantity

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